Searching for escorts in Spain

Blackbooks’ Ultimate guide to finding prostitutes in Spain

Blackbooks’ ultimate guide for
finding prostitutes in Spain

Guide to find prostitutes in Spain
Episode 1: Prostitutes in Barcelona


Hello and welcome to The ultimate guide for finding prostitutes in Spain.

Are you traveling to Spain for business or for a deserved holiday?
Perhaps you are planning to visit a few brothels, go see a prostitute or thinking about having an escort come and visit you at your hotel?

Then this guide is for you!

We all know that finding an escort abroad can be a bit of a challenge.

  • Which websites can you trust?
  • The local language – Why is that site never in English?!
  • Those pictures look great, but are they real?

Where do you even begin?

With this guide, we want to make it easier for you, the non-Spanish speakers,  to find a whore, prostitute, escort or whatever you want to call it.

We have put together the most detailed and complete sex guide, which will help you to find a reliable prostitute in Spain and have a great time.

The content on this page is being updated on a regular basis, so make sure to bookmark this page!

Please note that in this guide we will ONLY discuss female escorts.

In this first episode, we will cover the paid sex scene in Barcelona.

Here is what we will discuss:

  • Spanish escort sites
  • Reliable escort sites
  • Less reliable escort sites
  • Brothels and escort agencies in Barcelona
  • Independent escorts in Barcelona
  • Barcelona Street prostitution
  • Spanish phrases and terms

Spanish escort sites 

On the internet, there are thousands of escort sites.
Some good ones, but unfortunately the majority are bad ones.

Spain is no different.

There are some sites with a good reputation and there are also sites that don’t care too much about their visitors from a content or user experience perspective.

But fear not! We have got some good news for you!

You don’t need to go through all these sites.
We have done all the hard work for you.

Our team came up with a total of 80 Spanish escort websites listing several hundreds of prostitutes.
We found a good mixture of adult classifieds sites, forums, and commercial advertising sites.

The quality of these websites ranges from good to…uhm – ‘making you want to poke your eyes out with a needle’ – bad. (Yep, that bad!)

But not to worry, we have left those out.

Another thing we left out is the commercial advertising sites with very little traffic.
They run the same ads and list the same escorts as the major sites, so no need for them.

Smaller sites and forums which discuss regional escorts and prostitutes do add value and therefore have been included.

Furthermore, we have only selected those Spanish sites that are easy to navigate, don’t serve any malicious code, redirect you to a different page or won’t hurt your eyes too much in terms of design.

All the reliable sites list real escorts and prostitutes and are considered for the majority to be trustworthy.

If a site isn’t listed here, it’s simply because it’s not worth mentioning.

For your convenience, we have made a distinction between Regional sites and National sites.

So without further ado, we present to you Blackbook App’s ultimate punting guide for Spain.

Reliable Spanish escort sites

Spanish national escort sites

Blackbook AppCommercial adsSpainMultilingualYesMobile web app using geolocalization
ErosguiaCommercial adsSpainMultilingualYes
Esas chicasForumSpainSpanish OnlyYesLots of banner ads!
ForoAxForumSpainSpanish OnlyYesRegistration mandatory
ForolumiForumSpainSpanish OnlyYesLots of banner ads / Registration mandatory
ForosXForumSpainSpanish OnlyYes
GirlsBCNCommercial adsSpainMultilingualYes
Hott EscortsCommercial adsSpainSpanish OnlyYes
PhotoescortsCommercial adsSpainSpanish OnlyYesSame owner as Slumi
SlumiCommercial adsSpainSpanish OnlyYes
SpalumiForumSpainSpanish OnlyYesLots of banner ads! / Registration mandatory
SustitutasCommercial adsSpainMultilingualYesTranslation done by Google

Spanish regional escort sites

Canarias69Commercial adsCanary IslandsSpanish OnlyYes
EmasexCommercial adsBasque CountrySpanish OnlyYes
Follate MallorcaForumMallorcaSpanish OnlyYes
Lumis MalagaForumMalagaSpanish OnlyYesRegistration mandatory
Putas CastellonForumCastellonSpanish OnlyYes
Sevilla LumisForumSevillaSpanish OnlyYes
SexomercadobcnForumBarcelonaSpanish OnlyYesSmall english subsection
Sexomercado MadridForumMadridSpanish OnlyYes
ValenciacitasCommercial adsValenciaSpanish OnlyYes

Less reliable Spanish escort sites

Other than the sites mentioned above, there are also sites which you should approach with caution. These are mainly free classifieds sites and they are notoriously known for containing a large number of fake ads.

They often don’t have a policy in place to prevent or reduce false advertising, show heavily photoshopped or stolen pictures or redirect you to third-party websites.

The only reason we have included them is that we want to present you with the most complete guide for Spain, but we do NOT recommend the pages below when it comes to reliability.

On a positive note: punters have reported that these sites sometimes do contain some hidden gems.

You could find an amateur prostitute that you won’t find anywhere else.
Perhaps she might not look like a model, but she will charge less more than the girls in the clubs or those young and attractive independent escorts. Sometimes worth a shot!

Since the majority of these sites are in Spanish only,  you might want to keep the Spanish phrases and terms section at hand to help you out.
You can find it at the bottom of this page. 

AlgodiscretoClassifiedsSpainMultilingualNoTranslated by Google
Barcelona CrackerClassifiedsSpainEnglishNoEvery major city in Spain has their own Cracker site
ContactosfacilesClassifiedsSpainSpanish OnlyNo
DeseadasClassifiedsSpainSpanish OnlyNo
DestacamosClassifiedsSpainSpanish OnlyNo
eAnunciosClassifiedsSpainSpanish OnlyNo
LiderescortCommercial adsSpainMultilingualNoTranslated by Google
NuevoloquoClassifiedsSpainSpanish OnlyNo
PasionClassifiedsSpainSpanish OnlyNo
SexobaratoClassifiedsSpainSpanish OnlyNo

Clubs and escort agencies in Barcelona

There are many escort agencies, whorehouses, brothels, strip clubs and gentleman clubs in Barcelona.
Ranging from tacky to classy. There is something for every taste and every budget.
Brothels are locally known as  ‘casas de citas ‘ or as puticlubs. (whorehouses)
A strip club is known as a club de alterne (singles club)

These are some of the recommended adult clubs and escort agencies in Barcelona.

NameCityTypeIncallOutcallIndicative rate per hour in euroTotal WomenWeb in English
Art MassagesBarcelonaErotic MassageYesYes1009Yes
Brahma MasajesBarcelonaErotic MassageYesNo12015Yes
Casual EscortssBarcelonaEscort agencyYesYes20050Yes
Cat EscortsBarcelonaEscort agencyYesYes15026No
Devorah SuitesBarcelonaBrothelYesYes12015No
Felina BarcelonaBarcelonaBrothelYesYes13050Yes
La Suite de Felina BarcelonaBrothelYesYes18080Yes
La vie en roseBarcelonaBrothelYesYes15057Yes
Le PriveeBarcelonaEscort agencyYesYes15028Yes
Masajes ShivaBarcelonaErotic MassageYesYes10020Yes
OK EscortsBarcelonaEscort agencyYesYes15021Yes
Omnia EscortsBarcelonaEscort agencyYesYes20023Yes
OxyzenBarcelonaErotic MassageYesNo7023Yes
Perla NegraBarcelonaEscort agencyYesYes15050Yes
PlantaVIPBarcelonaEscort agencyNoYes20050Yes
Santai MasajesBarcelonaErotic MassageYesNo10012No
Sugargirls BCNBarcelonaEscort agencyNoYes15046Yes
Universitarias CatalanasBarcelonaEscort agencyNoYes25021Yes
Anna SolanoBarcelonaEscort agencyNoYes20040No
Cristinas SecretsBarcelonaEscort agencyNoYes40028Yes
Masajes AloneBarcelonaErotic MassageYesYes1006Yes


Independent Escorts Barcelona

Don’t fancy going to a club or do you prefer an independent professional escort?
No worries. We’ve got your back!

Many independent escorts can be found on the commercial advertising sites or forums.
Simply look for the words ‘independiente’ or ‘particular’

Not many independent escorts in Barcelona have their own website, (let alone in English) but the following women do and they all have positive feedback from (Spanish) clients.

Eva Friends – 23 year old Brazilian high-class escort
Macarena – 28 year old Spanish escort. (July 2018 – Site no longer active and Macarena has also left the country)


Barcelona Street prostitution

In many countries, street prostitution is either regulated (e.g. Germany) or it is forbidden.

In Spain, it is neither.

The prostitutes are allowed to work on the streets and won’t be harassed by the police, just as long as they don’t bother anyone.

In recent years the local politicians of Barcelona and surrounding municipalities have tried to reduce the number of streetwalkers and with success.

But still, both in the city as in the surrounding area of Barcelona there are many girls working the streets.
In this guide, we will discuss the prostitutes who work in Barcelona and the surrounding municipalities.

El Raval 

When the sun is out the only whores that are working the streets of Barcelona can be found on one street ( Carrer d’en Robador) in the city center.

Prostitutes in Robador street, Barcelona
Prostitutes in Robador street, Barcelona

What is now known as El Raval used to be the old red light district of Barcelona called ‘El Barrio Chino’ (the Chinese neighborhood)
This street is close to the famous Ramblas and the market La Boqueria.

Our suggestion?
Enjoy the market or take a stroll along the Ramblas towards the sea instead of trying to find this street. Not worth it.

The whores working on this street are mainly older Rumanian, Nigerian, South American and gypsy women.

Even though the area is frequently patrolled by police, it is still a shady area and you wouldn’t be the first punter who got robbed.

When: 24 Hrs
Rate: 20/30 euro, but Spanish punters have confirmed they can negotiate the rates
Comments: Overall unattractive prostitutes and a shady area, especially at night.

City center – Las Ramblas 

When the night falls, you will be able to find more prostitutes in Barcelona.
The ones you should definitely AVOID are the Nigerian prostitutes who can be found around Las Ramblas and the Raval neighborhood.

These women approach men, and especially, foreigners quite aggressively.
Instead of a subtle approach, they will come up to you and make an indecent proposal.
Doesn’t matter if you walk there with your girlfriend or wife!
They have absolutely no shame.

Often these whores get physical by grabbing and pulling your arm and will scan your pockets for anything of value.
The number of guys who got their wallet or mobile phone stolen is countless and unfortunately, the police can’t or won’t do much.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from these whores when you see them.
They are nothing but trouble.

When: nighttime
Rate: 20/30 euro
Comments: They make more money with pickpocketing than with sexual services. Avoid!

Les Corts – Camp Nou

A different and much better scenario unfolds at night near the Camp Nou football stadium in an area called Les Corts.
During the day you will find here tourist who come to visit the football stadium, but at night this is the domain of street prostitutes.

Unlike the Nigerian prostitutes in the city center, here you will find mainly young and often attractive eastern European prostitutes, some Venezuelan & Colombian girls, a few Nigerian whores, and – heads up!- transvestites.

Some of the streetwalkers will serve clients who come by foot in the nearby parking lot, but if you have a car at your disposal all the women will be available to you.
Assuming you are going to pay them of course 😉

Prostitute waiting near Camp Nou, Barcelona
Prostitute waiting near Camp Nou, Barcelona

When: Summer 10pm – 2 am (weekends 4 am), winter 8pm – 12pm (weekends 2 am, but depending on the number of clients and the weather). When FC Barcelona is playing a football match, there won’t be any girls!
Rate: 20/30 euro, non-negotiable
Comments: Mainly eastern European women and Latinas. Transvestites present in this area. Regular police patrols and known for alcohol checks during the weekends on the Av. Joan XXIII


A word of warning applies to this area.
Even though the majority of the prostitutes are women, there is also a large group of transsexuals/transvestites working in this area.

Especially south American trannies are known to look deceivingly similar to a real woman, so keep your eyes and ears open when you approach them.
Luckily this group is working in their own designated area and they don’t mingle with the eastern European sex workers.

In the map below we have indicated which group of prostitutes can be found where.

Green line: Eastern European prostitutes
Red line: Transsexuals / Transvestites
Yellow line: South American prostitutes
Brown line: African prostitutes

Map of street prostitution in Barcelona at night
Map of street prostitution in Barcelona at night

Outside Barcelona

Gava – Castelldefels

South of the city you will find the C31 road which takes you from the city center to the airport.
Just past the airport, you will find two coastal towns called Gava and Castelldefels.

Romanian street prostitutes in Castelldefels
Romanian street prostitutes in Castelldefels

Castelldefels used to be known, (besides for its beaches), for the most notorious brothel in the area, La Riviera. Authorities shut it down because of criminal activities.

Political pressure from the local authorities has also led to a massive reduction of women working alongside this road.

Five years ago, you could easily find here well over 20 women looking for clients. Nowadays much less.

The mainly Romanian and Albanian prostitutes charge the standard rates (20/30), but you need to be very careful as you don’t want to get caught by the police.

Recently (June ’17), the local authorities decided to crack down hard on the clients who use the sex workers services with fines of up to 3000 euro.

You have got to ask yourself if that’s a risk you are willing to take…

When: from Monday till Saturday from 12:00 until the sun goes down
Rate: 20/30 euro (non-negotiable)
Comments: Only serve men in their car. Police check for punters and hand out excessive fines.

two prostitutes alongside the C17, Barcelona
two prostitutes alongside the C17, Barcelona

Vic – Gran

North of the city there is the C 17 road which leads you to Granollers and Vic.
Alongside this road, you will find several, mainly, eastern European women waiting for clients.

Over the years the total number of prostitutes have decreased due to a legalization which prohibits the prostitutes to work near highways or secondary roads.

There are three girls which Spanish punters speak highly of and they are located on an industrial estate, (Montguit) just of the C17.
You can see two of the three recommended prostitutes in this Google Streetview screengrab.
Katia, Romanian (dark hair) and Erika, Russian (blond).

Update: August 2018 – Erika no longer works here.


Spanish phrases and terms

If you are searching for escorts in Spain you will find that the majority of the ads are in Spanish.
The prostitutes often use specific terminology or slang words to describe the services they offer.

Google translate does not always know how to deal with this.
For example, the Spanish term for a titty fuck is being translated by Google to ‘Cuban necktie’.
And Google translates a ‘Beso Negro’ and a ‘Beso Blanco’ literally to black and white kisses.

So in order to make it easier for you to understand what they mean, we have listed all the common services, terms and phrases and translated them into plain and simple English.

Spanish phrases and terms escorts use

AcompanhanteEscort (Portuguese)
Ama DóminaMistress
Beso BlancoSnowballing (cumswap woman-man)
Beso negroAnalingus / Rimming
Beso con lenguaFrench kissing
Chica de companiaEscort girl
ChuparTo suck (oral sex)
Club de alterneSingles club
Club swingerSwinger club
Corbata CubanaTitty fuck
CorrerTo have an orgasm
Despedida de solteroBachelor party
Disfraces eróticosErotic costumes
Ducha eróticaErotic shower
DuplexTrio m/f/f
Escort para mujeresEscort for women
Escort para parejasEscort for couples
Eyaculación facialCum in face
Fantasías sexualesSexual fantasies
Fiesta blancaGirl/client take cocaine
Francés completoOral sex with cum in mouth
Francés con condónOral sex with condom
Francés naturalOral sex without a condom
Garganta profundaDeeptroath
GriegoAnal sex
HúmedaWet / Moist
Juegos eróticosErotic games
Juguetes sexualesSex toys
LésbicoBisexual threesome
Lluvia dorada (dando / activa)Golden shower (giving)
Lluvia dorada (recibo / pasiva)Golden shower (receiving)
Masajes eróticosErotic massage
Masaje prostáticosProstate massage
Minuto de oroContinues blowjob after man has had an orgasm
Orgías sexualesGroup sex
PechoCup Size
Pecho grandeBig breasts
Pecho naturalNatural breasts
Pelo púbicoPubic hair
Pornstar experiencePSE
Puño americanoFisting
Sado eróticoS&M
Salidas a domicilioOutcall home
Salidas a hotelOutcall hotel
SalivadoWet and sloppy blowjob
Servicio para personas con discapacidadDisabled friendly
Sexo analAnal sex
TaconesHigh Heels
Trato de noviaGirlfriend experience (GFE)
Vello púbicoPubic Area


We hope that this Barcelona punting guide has been useful and that it will help you to plan your next trip to Spain and make your search for a reliable escort, independent prostitute or agency a lot easier.

We will keep adding new clubs, sites, agencies or escorts to our database once they have proven themselves to be trustworthy.

Please feel free to share this guide with anyone who might benefit from it and do leave a comment below if you think something is missing, incorrect or if you want to have a rant or simply thank/compliment us 🙂

If you want to know how you can stay anonymous when searching online for prostitutes, then check out our 5 tips to protecting your identity.

Also be sure to follow us on Twitter or to signup to the Blackbook City Update which will keep you informed of new women in the city of your choice.

Happy punting!


Team Blackbook App


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