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Searching for escorts – 5 tips to protect your privacy

According to Havocscope there are roughly 13.8 million prostitutes in the world. Together they generate an estimated revenue of $186 Billion USD per year. Of course, this is a rough estimation, but in countries where prostitution is legalized, we can see the actual revenue.

In Germany alone, $13 Billion dollars is being generated by sex workers every year.

So how is it possible that billions of dollars exchange hands when no man ever visited a prostitute or has invited a high-class escort to his hotel?

Of course, men visit prostitutes, but the fact is that most men don’t like to admit that they pay for sex. It’s not something they want their family, friends, and colleagues to know.

Do you think about your privacy when looking for escorts? 

There are a lot of companies that collect data about you when you are browsing the internet or even when you are out and about walking through a red light district or visiting a brothel.Ecorts and Privacy when searching for an escort

The most well-known companies for collecting data are Google and Facebook. Both of these tech giants know a lot about you and create profiles which they sell to advertisers and share with 3rd parties (e.g. governments).

Google knows when you are searching for escorts, when you try to translate that ad from a foreign escort site or when you walk into a brothel with your phone in your pocket.

That’s right. Google knows when you entered a whorehouse, how long you stay there and you don’t even have to do a thing.
Facebook does the exact same thing and even though most people only know it for its core product (the social network), it’s tentacles reach way beyond that.

Here are 5 tips that will protect your privacy


First of all, it’s hard to stay completely anonymous, but if you don’t want other people to know that you like to visit escorts, here are some tips that will help you minimize the risks.


  1. Browse in anonymous mode

    Every browser has the possibility to browse without storing cookies and browsing history.
    In Chrome it’s the ‘Incognito’ mode and Firefox calls it ‘Private browsing’.
    Mind you, your internet service provider can ALWAYS see which page you have visited, but they are less of a worry than Google or FB.

    Private browsing will stop escort advertising sites to recognize you and potentially follow you with e.g. retargeting ads.
    If you are in the office looking for an escort to visit later that day, be aware that the guys from the IT department can see which escorts pages you have visited.
    Try to avoid browsing in the office with your works equipment, use your own mobile phone and never use the WiFi connection!

  2. Avoid registrations

    Avoid prostitution and escorts sites which require you to register.
    Even if you use a fake email account Google and Facebook can easily lead that back to you.
    Especially avoid registrations where you can login with your social profile (Gmail, Facebook, etc.).
    If a site offers this functionality you might as well post a girls profile on your Facebook wall yourself.
    Try to stay away from those sites.

  3. Social Media icons

    Do the escorts sites have Facebook like buttons or a Google plus icon?
    You would have to be crazy to press the like button as all your connections including your wife, friends, family, and colleagues will see you ‘ve just liked the profile of that hot escort!

    Just don’t click on any social media icons. Period.
    Oh and by the way. Did you know that you don’t even have to interact with those icons?
    When you see a facebook like icon, there is a snippet of code that tells Facebook that you have seen that button on that paid sex site.
    Bottomline, when you see social media icons on escorts advertising sites? Get out of there.

  4. Security

    There are many escorts websites out there, but ones that care for its users are rare.
    9 out of 10 use HTTP connections, which means everything you write or say can be seen by others.

    Try to stick to the ones that use HTTPS connections.
    The S stands for Secure and guarantees you that no one can read the communication between you and the website.
    How can you tell if a web page is HTTPS? Simple. Look for the little padlock in front of the URL in your browser.

  5. Escort Advertising

    Many escort advertising sites make money by running banner ads and a lot of them don’t care about their users.
    All they want is to serve you as many ads as possible and make some money.

    It goes without saying that you won’t find any high street brands advertising on these type of sites.
    The ads you see are 99% of advertisers that can’t advertise anywhere else and this attracts some dubious advertisers.

    A great example we have seen are the ads of (AM).
    What we saw were ads and landing pages that are identical to AM’s, but they redirect you to which is a copy of the original.

    Notice the difference?
    Look closely at the M of Madison, it has been replaced by a r and n. Put them together you get rn, which looks exactly like a ‘m‘ right?
    Very clever, but we can guarantee you that when you sign-up to that site, you will get into a whole lot of trouble.

Website owners need to take their responsibility

We won’t even go into the art of cookie dropping, which a lot of banners or landing pages do in order to follow you around on the web and harass you with all kinds of stuff you won’t need.

The problem really lies with the escort advertising sites themselves.

Many sites are run by amateurs and seriously lack professionalism.
They don’t employ any ad operations staff nor have any quality control processes in place.
The owners simply don’t care who the advertiser is and what they do, just as long as they get paid for the banner.

Our advice: Stay away from sites with a lot of advertising. Or at the very least, use an adblocker to protect yourself.
If you want to find out where genuine escorts most likely advertise, check out this post on escort advertising sites.

Privacy and anonymity can never be guaranteed completely.
But if you follow these 5 tips you will limit the chances of your ‘hobby’ getting exposed and you should be able to keep your hobby to yourself.

Safe browsing!

Team Blackbook

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