Escorts with their own site

Nowadays, many escorts have their own website.
But is having your own website really a good thing?

Let have a closer look.

The short answer is that it depends on what you want to achieve.
If you want to use it as a personal escort website where you will display your latest photo shoot or blog about your experiences, it’s a great thing.

However, if you have created a website with the purpose of driving potential clients to you, then you are fighting a tough battle.

Things escorts need to consider

We sometimes see escorts who try their very best to drive traffic to their sites hoping potential customers will contact them. It is a nice bonus if people end up on your site and book you for a date, but this shouldn’t be your main purpose.

If you do decide to set up your private escort website to capture clients, please be aware that it will costs you a significant amount of money, time and knowledge. And when you do, you better make sure you measure all your efforts to see which methods work and which don’t.

The first problem you will be facing is the various escort advertising sites you are advertising on.
Without going too much into the concept of Search Engine Marketing (SEO) there are some basics you will need to understand.
A website like sees 10 million unique users per month. They have many prostitutes advertising on the site all using the same keywords over and over again. Because of its popularity, many websites link to Adultwork. Therefore they are seen as an authority by Google and even searching for your own name, will probably rank them higher than your own personal website.

Another thing we have noticed is that a lot of escorts use a free web service like Wix.
Sure it won’t cost you a penny, but the flipside is that the site will be supported by banner advertising.
If you are going to have your own site, spend a few bucks on a WordPress site, you won’t break the bank but it gives your site a professional look and feel, is highly customizable and stays clean with only content you want your visitors to see.

So as a conclusion. Setting up a website to capture new clients shouldn’t be your main goal.
Providing information about the services you offer and at what rates plus multimedia files such as videos and photos will give the potential client a good idea of what he can expert and with quality content you will get some bookings. Guaranteed!




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