Escort Advertising -5 tips on where to advertise as an escort

5 tips on where to advertise as an escort

Hi Jessica, this is Mike calling from escort advertising site XYZ. Listen, we get a hundred thousand visitors each month on our site, so I think it’s in your best interest that you advertise with us. Otherwise you will miss out on a lot of business and you don’t want that, right?

Does the conversation above sound familiar?

Many escorts and agencies get approached by people claiming that they have this amazing website with tens of thousands or sometimes hundreds of thousand of users.
If you decide to advertise with them you will see an increase in bookings and the phone won’t stop ringing.


Yeah right! Hold on a sec.

Let’s take a step back and see how you can separate the good from the bad.

New escort advertising sites are being launched every day.
There are literally thousands of them and their concept is often the same.
Women advertise for free, the site hopes they will get some traffic and then they will try to sell you VIP profiles, banners, etc.

But ask yourself. If their business model is the same as all the others? What would make them more successful than the established websites out there?
Exactly. Chances are very slim.

However, we are not saying that you should dismiss an offer for free advertising.
After all, a little more exposure (usually) won’t hurt.
But when they ask you to pay for certain features then it’s time to have a closer look.

If you follow these 5 tips, you will be able to weed the bad ones out pretty easy.
It will prevent you from wasting your hard earned cash on something that won’t work anyway.

The 5 things every escort should keep in mind

  1. Traffic – Ask how many unique users they see per month, NOT sessions, but users.
  2. Bounce rate – How many people actually browse the website?
  3. Location – Where do the visitors come from?
  4. Content quality – What is the quality of the professionals advertising on the website?
  5. Site quality – What do YOU think of the website?

Let’s break them down one by one.

Website traffic


Besides the fact that a lot of websites inflate their numbers to look bigger (sometimes by a factor 20!!).
A lot of the websites communicate the number of sessions their website generates in one month.
Unless you want to run a banner campaign on their site, this is not relevant to you.

What is important are the number of unique users a website sees per month.
The difference between the two? Unique users are the number of – you guessed it – unique individuals that have visited the website within a month.
Sessions tell you how often people have visited the website.

Mind you these are not necessarily unique individuals. A user can visit a website twice a day for 30 days, which means that one single user is responsible for 60 sessions.

With many websites offering escorts the opportunity to upload pictures or post messages (e.g forum), it means that a lot of these sessions are being generated by escorts themselves. So always ask for the number of unique users.


What the bounce rate tells you is how many people left the site immediately after they arrived.
So if a site claims 100,000 users and has a bounce rate of 25%, it means only 75,000 users browsed their web and potentially saw your profile.
Every page has a bounce rate. This is completely normal and everything under 40% is acceptable.

Forum sites are traditionally known to have a low bounce rate and websites that provide a bad user experience tend to have a high bounce rate.
We advise you to stay away from the latter, which we explain more in point 5.

The only exception when a bounce rate becomes irrelevant is when the site consists of one big scrolling homepage.
They will always have a high bounce rate and therefore is not a good indicator whether users have seen or had the chance to see your profile.
Bottom line. Web pages with multiple pages and a bounce rate of >40%? Free profile? Fine, but not worth paying for.

Besides the number of unique users, location is another very important factor.
Let’s say you are an escort based in London and 50% of the traffic to a website comes from the US.
This means that half of the total traffic is likely to be irrelevant to you.

Website owners can and should provide you with information on how many users they see from the location where you are based.
After all most punters prefer the convenience of an escort close to them.

Why would you, as a professional escort, want to appear on a website full of fake profiles?

You simply don’t.

Besides the fact that it could jeopardize your reputation, websites with a lot of fake profiles also have got a bad reputation among the clients.
Your profile will be viewed with a lot of suspicion and clients will think twice about calling you.

Free sites and in particular classifieds sites is where you will find a high percentage of fake profiles.
The website owners don’t remove them and they won’t because it works to their advantage!

Since there are so many classified ads being posted each and every day, your ad will get lost and you will have to pay in order to push it back to the top and make it visible again. Hence why they have absolutely no interest in removing those fake ads.

Sometimes free can turn out to become very costly when it damages your reputation.
If possible avoid free classifieds sites or check if they have real professionals advertising on the site and if have a policy in place in regards to false advertising.


Have a good look at their website. What is your first impression? Is it user-friendly? Do you see a lot of banner advertising? Do you get annoying ads popping up?
Are the profiles of escorts you see those of escorts near you or on the other side of the country? And what is their price range? Do they only offer advertising for escorts or also other services? ( e.g. webcam chat)

All these factors have an enormous impact on how the client perceives a website and therefore it affects your ads performance.
If there is too much distraction, a potential client can easily be drawn away from your profile.

If the site is poorly designed or full with ads, the bounce rate will be high and users won’t spend much time on this site.
Use common judgment to decide if you want to appear on this page.

We hope that these tips are helpful for when the next guy calls you with promises of  ‘massive increase in bookings’.

The old saying goes, if something appears too good to be true, it usually is and it’s no different in the advertising world.

Did you have any good or bad experiences yourself?

Share them in the comments below and don’t forget to share this article on social media to help your fellow professionals out.

To your success!

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